Affordable 3 Day, 5 Day and 10 Day Travel Packages

We offer three types of all inclusive packages to complement your Thai cooking class experience, including hotel accommodation, traditional Thai massage, revitalizing spa treatments and detox programs

Cuisine and Culture

Pineapple fried rice served in a carved out half of pineapple with tomato and cucumber garnish and a pineapple fruit shake in the background.

An introduction to Thailand cuisine you can bring back home to your own kitchen.
Includes accommodation, rooftop pool, cooking instruction, cultural tours and massage. Starting at $653 USD.


Detox and Rejuvenation

Beautiful rooftop gazebo in front of an amazing blue-purple dusk sky, where our guests relax during Detox and Rejuvenation visits.

Boost your vitality with a cleansing diet and health conscious activities.
Includes accommodation, rooftop pool, detox program, fitness and meditation facilities. Starting at $784 USD.


Spa and Relaxation

Foot massage reclining chairs in the spa where our Spa and Relaxation guests enjoy reflexology sessions.

Forget about stress and indulge in the best Thai-style pampering.
Includes accommodation, rooftop pool, massage, spa treatments, fitness and meditation facilities. Starting at $1,307 USD.


Thai massage and reflexology, detox and meditation are the perfect complements to a healthy, meatless diet and holistic lifestyle, and we created these packages with this reality in mind.

Whether you are already a vegetarian, vegan or raw-food enthusiast, or have only just begun considering such options for your health and wellness, we applaud your interest in the healing powers of a plant-based diet (which becomes even more potent when you include a healthy abundance of fresh juices and smoothies).

Clean eating combined with Thai massage and detox, especially if enhanced by a juice cleanse or juice fast, can only lead to a healthier body. In fact, some health-and-wellness sources claim that conditions such as diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure) might all be better managed through the therapeutic effects of frequent Thai massage (which may also help with weight loss).

Whatever your needs or desires on your journey into holistic health and wellness, we welcome you to take full advantage of the many benefits our travel packages provide. It all starts with getting you settled into the very comfortable 4-star accommodation we offer during your visit.


Hotel lobby with coffee tables, sofas and greenery outside.

Fall into the comforts of a modern Thai hotel designed to meet the needs of discerning travelers.

View of hotel room with two beds from entrance.

Experience classic comfort in spacious, well-appointed rooms that all include free Wi-Fi.

View of hotel room with two beds from far side.

Cozy twin beds sit at the center of a haven for guests sharing the experience of a lifetime.

View of hotel room with one queen sized bed from entrance.

Enjoy world-class amenities, such as bathrobes and free Wi-Fi, in a finely decorated room serviced by very attentive staff.

View of hotel room with one full sized bed from bathroom area.

Retreat from a bustling city of endless activities to a private oasis of peace, the perfect place for detox.

View of hotel room with one full sized bed and window from entrance.

Experience the benefits of local holistic and organic products that will leave you feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

Spa entrance interior showing sofas and wall décor.

Stylish surroundings provide the perfect environment for a relaxing, healing spa experience.

Spa entrance interior looking out through front window.

Experience the benefits of local holistic and organic products that will leave you feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

Foot massage chairs shown in beautiful spa interior.

Sit back and relax in deep comfort or meditation while enjoying world-famous Thai foot massage and reflexology.

Luxurious private Thai massage room.

The private hot tub suite provides an elegant setting for the ultimate massage and bath experience.

Hot tub in Thai massage room.

Immerse yourself in an aromatic, milky hot tub (with fresh juice or a smoothie by your side) after a coconut oil or herbal massage for complete relaxation.

Massage room with warm atmospheric lighting.

Private massage rooms blend ancient and modern decor to furnish the backdrop for a most pleasurable, holistic Thai massage.

Hotel rooftop gazebos for relaxation.

After a full day of fun and culture, enjoy fresh juice or a smoothie along with vegetarian or vegan snacks in a serene rooftop sanctuary.

Hotel rooftop pool with multi-color deck chairs.

Soak up the sun and then cool off with some refreshing hydrotherapy in the salt-water, rooftop swimming pool (or just enjoy a moment of meditation).

View of hotel rooftop pool with multi-color deck chairs from entrance.

A world apart from the city below, relax by the quiet poolside while enjoying an array of our fresh healthy smoothies and natural juices.

View of fitness center from entrance.

Exercise to your heart’s delight (and then enjoy a Thai vegetarian or vegan meal as your reward) in a well-equipped, air-conditioned fitness facility overlooking Bangkok.

Running and weight equipment in fitness center.

After your workout, you’ll be just a few strides away from the steam sauna and rooftop swimming pool (and always close to fresh juice or a smoothie).

Cardio equipment and seating area in fitness center.

The fitness facility features a cushioned relaxation area with a yoga ball for stretching.