May Kaidee's Phnom Penh Cooking School

Vegetarian and vegan cooking classes in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Thai Cooking

Cooking class students holding white bowls, sampling food with May

Based on our Thai cooking class in Bangkok, this class also incorporates local Khmer ingredients and recipe variations. Learn traditional dishes such as Pad Thai and Tom Yam soup, but also lesser known Khmer soups.

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Raw Food

Student wearing purple apron and scarf being taught Raw food preparation using a mortar and pestle.

With the introduction of May Kaidee to Cambodia, we look forward to helping pioneer the Raw food movement in Phnom Penh. Learn our popular Raw Pad Thai, Tom Yam soup, chili paste, making desserts and using dehydrators.

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Fruit Carving

Fruit carving student learning floral design with a watermelon.

Following the same program taught at our Bangkok location, students begin by learning basic carvings, then move into advanced techniques for creating intricate floral designs in watermelon, pumpkin and squash.

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Singles and Lovers

Students in traditional Thai dress holding baskets with fresh produce before beginning to cook with May.

Now offered at our Phnom Penh location. Enjoy this unique party on our wonderful rooftop patio every Thursday evening at 7pm. An interesting experience for vegetarian / vegan singles and couples interested in a unique romantic culinary experience.

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How to Make Tofu

Two pieces of freshly made tofu using raw ingredients from our Tofu Making course.

Tofu has grown in popularity, but still not widely known that it's easy to make tofu from scratch. Learn the steps for making fresh homemade tofu which has a distinctly better taste and texture than store bought versions.

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Soy Milk and Desserts

Raw vegan cheese cake topped with pistachios on a plate almonds.

Learn how to make soy milk from raw ingredients and a selection of dessert recipes based on soy milk such as vegan ginger cream pudding and fruit desserts with soy milk, and select recipes from our Thai desserts class.

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Sauces and Desserts

A small bowl of sweet chilli sauce fresh dried chilli peppers and seeds beside it.

Learn to make a variety of savory and sweet sauces for topping main dishes, dipping appetizers and desserts, including peanut sauce, tofu cream sauce, tamarind sauce, sweet and sour sauce and mango sauce.

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How to Make Chili Paste

Chilli paste ingredients and sauce.

Learn the most important base ingredient in Thai cooking. In this class you will learn how to make red, green and Tom Yam chili pastes. In addition, select popular recipes are taught using the freshly made chili pastes.

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Thai Desserts

Raw walnut cake topped with half of a walnut and chopped pistachos.

Learn how to make popular favorites such as black sticky rice and mango and steamed pumpkin in coconut milk, as well as lesser known recipes such as our Raw dragonfruit ice cream cake with pistachios.

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