May Kaidee's Guide for Vegetarians and Vegans in Thailand

An app that helps navigate the vegetarian and vegan culinary challenges while traveling and living in Thailand.

  Easy to Use

Cooking class students with May sampling food

Our app is popular with vegetarians and vegans traveling in Thailand, helping to eliminate the challenges of avoiding food with animal products while still enjoying the best Thai taste cuisine has to offer. The app contains in-depth text on vegetarian concepts in Thailand, as well as helpful features for ordering food.

Audio Translator

Group of cooking class students wearing aprons and headscarves, giving the traditional Wai with hands pressed together

The audio translator feature allows anyone to communicate the dietary restrictions of a vegetarian or vegan diet to native Thai speakers by simply pressing a button – an especially useful feature when traveling in areas where restaurants rarely make recipes without animal products.

Valuable Tips

Image of Raw vegan ice cream cake with strawberries

Inside our guide you find numerous useful tips for finding vegetarian and vegan friendly locations in Thailand, understanding the different types of vegetarian diets as understood by locals, and relevant Thai language tips. Additionally, there is a section specifically for learning to identify ingredients.

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