Detox and Rejuvenation

Renew body and spirit Thai style

Offered exclusively in Bangkok

Get revitalized through our Detox and Rejuvenation package, which focuses on a multi-day juice detox program (also referred to as juice cleanse or juice fast) followed by personalized raw food instruction. In addition, Thai massage, herbal massage, reflexology (foot massage) and physical exercise are integrated into your schedule as needed.

Image of Raw vegan ice cream cake with strawberries
Image of Raw vegan ice cream cake with strawberries

Package is all inclusive: detox beverages, accommodation, ground transportation, Raw food course, massage, fitness center. (*Airfare not included.)
Starting at $784 USD per person.

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3 Day Package

Day 1

After being picked up from the airport and driven to your hotel, you will check in and have the option to begin your first spa treatment or simply relax before an early dinner – a light vegan Raw food meal. Also you may optionally explore the local Banglamphu neighborhood with a variety of live music venues, some even offering the occasional poetry reading. A Thai massage session is also an option before retiring for the evening.

Day 2

The first day of your detox program starts with our "green magic" smoothie. Later you may go for an optional swim. Juices and smoothies will be exclusively on the menu throughout the day, typically drinking one bottle every two hours. Juice include carrot, apple and mango. Smoothies include mixed vegetables, papaya with coconut milk and dragonfruit. End the day with a spa session including hot tub and massage.

Day 3

Get an early start continuing the second day of detox with vegan green smoothies. Our smoothie recipes are custom blended depending on individual need. Ingredients include natural wild and farmed Thai greens, pineapple, dragonfruit, ginger, lime and basil. On this third day you will have the choice of either massage, exercise or a walking tour of two of the most famous temples in Bangkok – Wat Bowonniwet Vihara and Wat Saket (Golden Mountain). Return to hotel and check out by 12 noon.

Image of Raw vegan ice cream cake with strawberries

Our famous "Green Magic" smoothie, the cornerstone of our detox program.

5 Day Package

Day 1-3 (same as 3 day package except for check-out)

In addition on day 3: Continue the detox program with juices and smoothies throughout the day. Choose from spa sessions, massages, exercise, enjoying the pool, walking tours and Raw food instruction.

Day 4

On day 4 you may either end your smoothie cleanse and begin to introduce light Raw food dishes into your daily routine, or continue with the cleanse – juices and smoothies only. If ending the cleanse, small portion meals begin in the morning including carrot soup, tomato soup, green leaf salads, small amount of almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and goji berries. On this fourth day you will also have the option to attend a Raw food course and learn and sample some of our signature Thai Raw dishes.

Day 5

Start the day with a detox smoothie, followed by a light Raw food meal. Dishes include vegetable rolls, coconut noodle pad thai, carrot salad, banana flower salad and pesto pasta. Optionally enjoy a short swim, relax poolside or enjoy a foot massage. Check out of hotel by 12 noon.

Image of Raw vegan ice cream cake with strawberries

Vegetable rolls from our Raw Food Course.

10 Day Package

Day 4-5 (same as 5 day package)

In addition on day 5: Optionally attend a second Raw food course in the afternoon, or enjoy spa sessions, exercise in the fitness center and/or swimming. Raw food dinner followed by reflexology (foot massage) session before sleep.

Day 6

If you had continued the smoothie cleanse for five days, the detox phase ends on day six. Light Raw food meals begin starting in the morning. Dishes include coconut noodle Pad Thai, pesto pasta made with zucchini, fresh sweet basil and pine nuts and Pomelo salad. If your smoothie cleanse finished prior to day five, meals continue and consist of mostly Raw food dishes, but also include healthy steam vegetable dishes (option to include or exclude carrot, spinach, baby corn, tofu and garlic) and brown rice.

Day 7

Attend our Raw Food Course where you will learn Coconut Noodle Pad Thai, Tom Yam Chili Paste, Tom Yam Soup and a variety of sauces, salads including green leafy Thai salad, avocado salad, cucumber salad and papaya salad. Course ends with instruction on how to make our delicious Raw Dragon fruit ice cream cake. Relax poolside or nap after the course. Enjoy a light dinner of lightly steamed vegetables (optionally with peanut sauce) and brown rice, followed by a massage before sleep.

Day 8

The day begins with a vegan Raw food breakfast including fresh fruit such as longan, banana, water apple, pomelo and dragonfruit with optionally vegan yogurt and museli. Relax by the poolside, swim or spend time in the fitness center, followed by late morning spa session. Later have a light lunch of vegetable dishes optionally including sautéed eggplant, fresh vegetable rolls and banana flower salad. Enjoy another spa session during the afternoon followed by light vegan stir fry dinner including snow peas, baby corn, spinach, water chestnuts, sesame seeds and tofu. Finish the evening with a spa session before.

Day 9

The ninth day begins with a breakfast high in antioxidants including fresh coconut, mangosteen, avocado and green tea. Later lunch includes steamed vegetables followed by poolside relaxation or a nap. Indulge in a long afternoon spa session or optional cultural tour to interesting Bangkok sites. Later in the evening enjoy a delicious vegetarian or vegan Thai dinner. Optional massage before sleep.

Day 10

On the final day, start the morning with a vegan version of a traditional Thai breakfast including rice noodle soup with fresh herbs, or a lighter breakfast consisting of fruit (a special May Kaidee recipe using pomelo, salak and jack fruit) and optionally vegan yogurt and museli. followed by an optional spa session, swim at the rooftop pool or visit to the fitness center. Check out of hotel by 12 noon.

Image of Raw vegan ice cream cake with strawberries

Raw Pad Thai made with fresh coconut noodles from our Raw Food Course.